Pitt will award American Rescue Plan grants based on 2021-2022 FAFSA information or ARP Grant Applications.

  • FAFSA students -You do not need to apply for a grant. You may use the Consent Form to indicate if the funds should be applied to unpaid charges on your student account or fully refunded to you. If you do not complete the form, Pitt will assume you want the entire amount to be fully refunded to you. Students whose FAFSA data is incomplete or under review are included in the Non-FAFSA group.

  • Non-FAFSA students - Log in to complete an ARP Grant Application to attest to your emergency financial needs. You will also be asked to indicate if any award you may receive should apply to unpaid charges on your student account or be fully refunded to you. The deadline to submit the ARP Grant Application has been extended to October 3, 2021.

Additional information is available on the University of Pittsburgh ARP Grant website.

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