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Welcome to the 2014 Arrival Survival Enrollment Application

The Arrival Survival Team is currently recruiting Volunteers, Supervisors and Assistant Coordinators. Click the roles below to review the job descriptions for each position. This enrollment form allows you to apply for an Arrival Survival position.

NOTE: All Volunteers, Supervisors, and Assistant Coordinators are subject to a background check conducted by the University Student Judicial System and Residence Life. In applying for this position, you are consenting to a background check. Some applicants may not qualify to volunteer for Arrival Survival.

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Arrival Survival Information
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For volunteers and supervisors: If accepted into the Arrival Survival program you will be asked to work three, four-hour shifts over the period of Arrival Survival Week. If given the opportunity would you prefer to work two of your shifts in one day? (Please note: Assistant Coordinators are required to work the entirety of Arrival Survival. If you are applying to be an Assistant Coordinator please mark yes.)*

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